The Winery

To talk about Sor Rico and what prompted us to be wine producers, we need to date back to the early 1900s when our family started producing wine.

Afterwards, in the 1950s, our grandparents bought the poderi (farmhouse estate) on which our Agricultural Society Sor Rico is born. We dedicated our winery to our grandfather that everyone, in the village and in the countryside, used to call Sor Rico, “Signor Enrico”.

In 2018, after various vinification processes, we built the new winery, in the Hinterland of Le Marche, a few kilometers from the Adriatic coastline and approx. 50 kilometers from the Umbria-Marche Apennines.

The cellar has been built below ground level to have a very low impact on our beautiful environment, it exploits the natural isolation and the constant temperature of the subsoil to keep the temperature stable throughout the year.

The harvesting is completely manual, using small red boxes. These are then quickly taken to the cellar to be processed immediately; this operation allows the grape not to ferment, thus helping to guarantee the maximum quality of the finished product.

At this stage, we just have to rest the wine in our steel barrels and barriques.