Sor Rico

“As soon as I completed my studies and achieved my high school diploma at the Agricultural and Enological Institute at ‘Villa Caprile’ in the city of Pesaro, my father, who was then a bank clerk,  told me that if I wanted to, I could start working at the bank at his side. I refused his invitation: working in an office, in a closed environment, was not exactly what I was aimed at; honestly I had to stay outdoors, breathe every day that feeling of freedom that only the farming life can give you, enjoy the slow cycle of the seasons and grasp the good that each season can offer; even if this often involves facing a hard work, having no certainty, where being at the mercy of meteorological events is the only certain thing and where, after every good harvest, various disappointments may wait for you round the corner…”

This was the story of our grandfather, Trento Enrico Bramucci, born in 1915, when he had to motivate us, his grandchildren, and tell us what his life choice had been.

So it was that, after getting married to our grandmother Elena, also born in a family dedicated to the agricultural and rural world and an admirer of the good products of the land (her father Giulio was the owner of a Farm as well as a right-hand man for many for many landowners in the area), after some years as manager of the municipal agricultural consortium and as administrator of the local landowners, in the early 1960s he founded his own Farm in the countryside of the town of San Costanzo in Stacciola hamlet.

Since the beginning, besides the production of cereals, open field vegetables and cattle breeding, he started cultivating olive tree and growing grapes; production that was intensified in the early 1980s with the planting of the first vineyard of only ‘biancame’ grapes (a white-wine grape variety) for the production of Bianchello del Metauro DOC.

Today we are the ones who take over the management of the vineyard, his ‘nepoti’, his nephews (he used to call us in dialect), with the planting of new vineyards (2016); although with modern equipment and techniques, but with the same passion, the same love and respect for Mother Earth that our grandfather was able to pass on to us.

We will always be grateful to him for this, and that is why we want to name our new winery, completed in 2018, as a symbol of a hidden desire of innovation with the will to continue the path he himself had taken.

We have very happy memories of him, his advice are still fresh in our hearts; still he seems to be by our side when we are around in the vineyard, during the harvest season… he, with his usual wide-brimmed hat lowered to his head; he, our grandfather, Mr. Enrico or, as everyone used to greet him on the street, “Sor Rico”.

His nephews,

Giovanna Massimiliano Francesco Roberta